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When in Shrewsbury Experience Hawkstone Park Follies – a magical attraction with over 100 acres of beautiful scenery to be explored

We recently collaborated with the team from when they took time out to visit us here at Hawkstone Park.

Find out what they discovered in the guest blog edition:

"A few of our guests were staying in our hotels in Shropshire over the last few months and they had told of the attractions they visited. Some had mentioned visiting Hawkstone Park Follies in Shropshire. A vast area of natural beauty, swathes of greenery and enchanting follies.

We were in the area in the last few weeks and decided to see what all the fuss was about. We may say this was one of the best days out we’ve had in a while. The whole area is truly outstanding.

Let’s find out more…

The dramatic and rugged nature of this attraction really appealed to us. We arrived on a week day which we preferred due to it being quieter. At the admission desk the staff were very friendly answering any questions we had. They mentioned that today would be a bit work out which is what we wanted as we are keen on fitness.

We were given a map of all the routes, describing each path so it gave us a proper idea of where we would want to go during our day here. It was well sign posted too.

From the map we chose to experience a variety of routes.  We had planned to stay around 4 hours here and that was enough to get around most of the notable areas in from the map such as The Grotto, the Cleft, the Swiss Bridge (which have great views) The Lower Path (which was a great work out) and much more.

It’s a truly unique place. We’ve been around other attractions that have an abundance of outdoor space but not like this. The rock faces and cliff really add to the beautiful landscape when you’re walking around and exploring. For plant lovers there are a vast variety of trees and plants dotted about the woodland.

The follies are the showcase here. Truly fun and magical. The mixture of what’s on offer in terms of caves, tunnels and bridges really keep you entertained and you walk round Hawkstone.

Although there was no children with us, the troll trail is great for kids. It gets their imagination going and keeps the adults busy too as there are parts where supervision is required.

To find out more on what to explore at Hawkstone click here.

What else should we know?

After the 3 hour walk we were tired (in a good way) and really hungry.  The Glass House Tea Room was the next stop on our journey.  From fresh coffee to a fantastic array of baguettes, sandwiches, cakes and more. Great kids selection too. They do refills on water bottles as well.

This is an attraction we really want to visit again. Bring appropriate shoes and for sure make time for getting around as there is a lot to see. Take in the beauty of Hawkstone in all its glory on your next break and experience this wonderful setting."


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