By 1748 an ornamental walk had been laid out along the spine of the main hill running through Hawkstone. This became known as Terrace Hill.

This beautiful hill top terrace was the perfect location for either access to Hawkstone Hall or just as use as a pleasure drive or walk.

Throughout the 1700s and 1800s trees and plants were brought in from all over the world, many which were planted along the Terrace.

By 1875 an article in the Gardener’s Chronicle describes…

A fine mixed plantation of Deodars, Cryptomerias, Spruces, Pinus excels and other similar coniferous and taxaceous trees, in splendid growing conditions and which may be counted by thousands.


This Terrace Arboretum now contains a forest of Rhododendron that took hold during years of neglect throughout the early 1900s, but many of the original specimen trees remain intact and majestic, towering above the walkway, including giant redwoods and monkey puzzle trees. Over 150 species of plant have been recorded on site so far. A range of habitats await exploration from beautiful deciduous woodland paths with sweet chestnut and mighty oak, to wind swept cliff tops with Scots Pine.

We are working to restore and add specimens back to the Terrace for future generations. If you are interested in becoming a benefactor please contact us.