Walks & Trails

A historic woodland landscape with cliffs, crags, networks of caves, rhododendron jungles, stunning views and a series of extraordinary monuments awaits you.

Parts of the park and the main walking routes contains several flights of steps, some natural ones carved into rock and some man made wooden ones. Much more than a stroll in the woods, this 2-3 hour adventure will awe anyone who succeeds in exploring its crags and crevices!

Map of Hawkstone Park Follies Shrewsbury Shropshire

Walking Tours

Find out more about the nature and history of Hawkstone Park Follies with a short guided walking tour from one of our experienced staff. Focusing on one area of the Park, lasting around 45 minutes per tour, location availability depends on time of year.

Only £5 extra per person, minimum 5 people, maximum 10

For school and group talks and tours, please click here.

Warden Safaris

Alternatively book a Warden Safari where one of our staff will take you on a journey in the Land Rover. Perfect for those who are unable to explore the park due to accessibility.

Land Rover tour - Greenhouse, Monument, Swiss Bridge and Grotto Hill, plus return

Tour and explore – Greenhouse to Monument or Grotto Hill, collecting from same location an hour later returning back to the Greenhouse

One way – Greenhouse to either Monument or Grotto Hill, making your own way back on foot

Only £5 extra per person, minimum 3 people, maximum 6

Warden Safari by Landrover at Hawkstone Park Follies