Nature Sundays

Join us every Sunday to learn more about nature this summer holiday!

Nature Sundays

New for 2024 is Nature Sundays!

Join us every Sunday throughout the Shropshire summer holidays.

Come and explore the magic of Hawkstone Park Follies. Become a nature detective or wildlife wizz, on selected dates we have free nature activities and trails around the park. 

Any activites on Nature Sundays are included within the admission ticket price. We will even be joined by specials guests such as Shropshire Wildlife Trust and RSPB 

14th July – Wildlife Trust

Tree Trail: Find out about the fantastic trees in the park. Collect a tree trail spotter sheet to tick off the different species as you walk round the park, have a go at leaf bingo, and plant tree seeds to grow one of your own. Don’t worry – it won’t be a giant redwood!

28th July – Wildlife Trust

Birds: Investigate our collection of bird skulls, learn about feathers, and see how different birds are adapted to make their living in all sorts of ways. Collect a spotter sheet and see how many species you can see as you walk round the park. Make a bird mask to take home with you.

11th August – Wildlife Trust

Wildlife Detective: Tracks, traces and signs. Animals can be hard to spot, but you can learn to see where they’ve been by what they leave behind. Footprints, feeding remains, fur and feathers, pellets and poop – we’ve got a wonderful collection! See what you can find around the park.

18th August – RSPB

25th August – Wildlife Trust / RSPB

Bones: Come and see what’s under the fur and feathers. Lots of skulls and skeletons - everything from bats to badgers, weasels to whales. Fun facts and activities. Collect a spotter sheet and find the places animals live around the park – you might not see the animal, but you can find its home!

01st September - RSPB


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