Volunteering & Project Work


If you love the Follies and would like to donate a little of your time to assist in events, project work, wildlife surveys or guided walks then please contact the Follies Manager:

Tel: +44 (0) 1948 841777

Email: caroline.talbot@hawkstone.co.uk


Previous project work has included new signage, improving walk ways, adding interactive children’s activities and clearing back our ever thriving Rhododendron.

We are working on a long term development plan to include more wildlife conservation as well as hopefully opening up new walkways and areas around the Park that have yet to have been explored.

Projects are often for a few weeks at a time and are a perfect way for individuals or teams to build on countryside management experience.


In 2015 we undertook a significant project to write a new management plan for the Redcastle, this was supported by Historic England and during the forthcoming years we will be undertaking improvements in this area.

Wildlife Surveys

We work closely with a number of wildlife groups to help us understand the variety and location of species at the Follies, enabling us to enhance biodiversity and protect important habitats.

If you are studying wildlife conservation, ecology or habitat management there may be opportunities for small scale studies and research projects onsite to support BSc and MSc courses. 

Guided Walks

The Follies is rich in history and interesting snippets and factoids are often missed by visitors who are enjoying the views. We offer Warden Safaris in our 4×4 vehicles for those who want to find out more about the Park, but this is only available for a small number of visitors.

If you love the Follies, love talking to people and have a good level of fitness, we offer volunteering positions as walking guides. Depending on experience and knowledge this could include full guided walks through specific areas of the Follies, or being based at one or two of our more unusual points to help provide information and interest to visitors as they pass by.