Volunteering & Project Work


If you love the Follies and would like to donate a little of your time to assist in events or project work then please contact the park management:

Tel: +44 (0) 1948 841777

Project work

In 2012 we renewed some of the directional signage and added waypoints around the park, further improvements to the return routes where also completed

In 2013 we will be working on improving the walk around the original Pinetum which surrounds the Monument. We will be clearing back some of the overgrown Rhododendron and placing clear identification posts on all of our rare trees in this area.

We are also working on improving some of the Interpretation around the park which will be  supported by our sponsors.

A fantastic day of work was spent in September with the support of volunteers from Whittingham Riddell, large areas of ground were cleared on the site of the Redcastle allowing improved access for future restoration.

In 2015 we undertook a significant project to write a new management plan for the Redcastle, this was supported by Historic England and during the forthcoming years we will be undertaking improvements in this area.