Offroad 4 x 4 Experience – with Ash’s 4×4

Have you ever wanted to drive your 4×4 off road, but don’t want to risk a damaging quarry?

Ash’s 4×4 driver training provide a range of experiences available for all levels of driver. Why not book for a chance to drive through the woods around Hawkstone Park Follies. Gentle slopes to severe drops; you choose. Drive yourself through the trees gently or choose to slide down a more challenging slope! Short 30 minute experiences, to full day driver training courses are available.

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Hawk Walks – with Shropshire Falconry

Hawkstone Park Follies is the perfect place to introduce you to the wonderful birds of prey that Shropshire Falconry centre bring along to fly through the trees. 

A Hawk Walk experience lasts approximately 2 hours through the lower woods of the Follies accompanied by feathered guides and their experienced handlers.

A Hawk Walk is the perfect experience to book to see these ‘wolves of the sky’ in action, with participants being able to enjoy these birds in their natural environment.

To book your place please call Steve/Lisa on 07968 715564/07719 909967 or visit: